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Lebua Lucknow – A Heritage Hotel

A visit to the beautiful Lebua Hotel brought us to the city of Nawabs and Kebabs. What’s not to love about Lucknow? The rich heritage that goes back to pre-British era is one of its kind. The city has especially garnered attention for its exemplary adab and tehzeeb, along with its impeccable, scrumptious food! Many people visit Lucknow only to taste the kebabs of Tunday kebabi, the chicken masala of Dastarkhwan and the Awadhi biryani of Idris Biryani. Food aside, the Chikankari work of Lucknow is known to be the best in all of India.

But let’s leave all the food and shopping talk for a later time, and talk about the heritage hotel Shivani and I stayed in while in Lucknow. My first time in the city of Nawabs and kebabs, I felt as if I was in the beautiful Lucknow of the 20th century, such was the portrayal at Lebua.


Lebua Lucknow is a Luxury Boutique property, located in central Lucknow and conceptualized as a sprawling traditional bungalow with a huge lush green lawn. It reflects and personifies the “Art Deco” architecture prevailing in the early 1900’s. Built in 1936, the haveli that is now the hotel was once home to a prosperous Lucknowi family. When time and tidings took the clan out of the city, the haveli fell into disuse. A few years ago, Lucknow-born expat Mohammed Abdullah and his interior decorator wife Nayab Bakshi bought the property and gave it a second life.








The very minute we stepped foot in Lucknow, we were treated like royalty. A chauffeur driven pretty, yellow and white ambassador was sent to pick us up. We reached the resort to see a beautifully designed heritage property nestled between towering trees with bright flowers in full bloom. It was such a gorgeous first impression, and it only got better from there! Every nook and corner of the property exudes class. The long corridors lit with lamps, the wooden murals holding them mirrors and tinted glasses adorning the walls, the beautiful pink bougainvillea and orange flowers creeping up the walls make for the perfect rustic arrangement! With embroidered upholstery, vintage furniture and artwork on the walls, the rooms take you to a bygone Era where upon entrance you forget your 9 to 5 jobs and enter a world where you’re the queen, and Lebua staff leaves no stone unturned in treating you like one.

2018-04-08 07.25.23 1.jpg








2018-03-25 12.08.54 1.jpg


Once we had had our tour of the property, we got in our rooms to find a rose petal bath awaiting us. Such Nawab like treatment I tell you! Shivani had a tough time getting out of it, this, I can tell you. She could’ve slept there in the rose petals all night if I let her! 😛





Our suite was 201 – gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!
It opened up to a huge white balcony with bougainvillea here, there and everywhereeeee and we absolutely loved every bit of it.
More than the beautiful property itself, we were enchanted by how well the Lebua staff takes care of its guests!
To make sure their guests have an experience of a lifetime, they pay attention to the littlest of details and personalization, and it’s highly impressive. Our rooms had photo frames with our pictures in it and with personal hand-written notes for each of us. It melted us!







DSC_2145-01 (1).jpeg

Coming to the food, we had the honor of trying the exquisite lakhnawi food by their extremely talented head chef. We had excellent kebabs and awadhi biryani.. The mewe and mawa ke kebabs deserve a special mention in the veg section!
Their Italian restaurant, 1936, is every bit as special as the other in-house restaurants. I am not a big fan of Italian food but their homemade pasta again deserves a special mention. We had it thrice in our three days stay there!! It was that good!




The Resort houses 4 dining experiences – Multi-cuisine, Italian, and traditional Indian fare, each one better than the previous. The first night of our stay there, a special candlelit dinner was arranged for the two of us in their beautiful gardens. It was accompanied with candles, flowers and butler service. The chef personally served his best delicacies to us and we can easily call it the best dinner in a long, long time!

Our stay there was full of amazing food, exemplary service and gorgeous views. We sat in our balcony for the sunrises and the courtyard for sunsets! We even got to witness an amazing wedding which was being held at the resort. Such a beautiful experience that was, being able to be a part of someone’s happy moments, and in a place like Lebua!




Visionary CEO Deepak Ohri of lebua Hotels and Resorts was recently asked at The Columbian Business School conference about his vision for lebua as a brand.

According to Deepak, a strong emotional connect with their guests is the key metrics that drives and leads his vision. He percieves and develops concepts based on Fashion.
Faisal Nafees – General Manager India Operations, lebua group along with his team ensures that every guest experience at lebua meets Brand’s vision.

Shivani and I, as Fashion and Lifestyle bloggers instantly connected with the warmth and style. We experienced it throughout our stay right from our entry into the property until the last day of our stay!

It is a true kudos to lebua hotel standards for an exemplary experience led by a fashionista’s vision that shall stay with us forever.

If I ever get to visit Lucknow again, I would definitely go back to Lebua without any second thoughts!

Also, for all you people who do not have Lucknow on your radar, Lebua properties are there in Jaipur, Amer and even Bangkok and Newzealand! Also, there’s a brand new one opening in the lush forests of Corbett!

If there’s anything else, you’d like to know, please feel free to drop your questions in the comments section and we’ll make sure to answer them! 😊

Some more pictures of us at the property cos we couldn’t help ourselves 🙂





DSC_1079 (1).jpg

Love and cheers,


41 thoughts on “Lebua Lucknow – A Heritage Hotel

  1. What a grand welcome 🧜🧜I am sure you both must have felt like Queens and the bath tub with rose petals appears as if it was designed for one of Yash Chopra’s movie!! Truly mesmerizing and wonderful write up….it’s getting better and better 💕💕way to go girls!!!

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  2. Quite a vivid blog on the property – brings out the lavish treatment one can expect while visiting here. Kudos to twofoldchic for bringing Lebua to my knowledge, would surely be my first choice of stay when I visit Lucknow to taste my favorite Tundey Kebabs 😉

    Last but not the least – both of you look fabulous in those pics. Keep blogging 🙂

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  3. Diksha it seems to be sheer luxury,glad you had a royal time in Lucknow,your description of Lebua definitely makes one want to go there… look beautiful as always,stay blessed darling😊🙌

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  4. Lebua must have felt delighted to have you two beautiful chic. The place surely must have become more beautiful by your presence. As I can see!! Very Well written and amazing clicks. Looking forward to visit this beautiful property real soon!! So, keep travelling,keep posting, keep writing and keep making us all happy with such beautiful pictures and well-informed blogs!! Love u guyz❤️💋😘😘

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  5. Nice description of the property! I’m majorly tempted to visit lebua Lucknow now after reading your blog! Keep posting about your other travel stories as well. Would love to read them all! Great work! 🙂

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  6. The property looks amazing… And you people described it beautifully… Every capture is beautiful and I am sure you girls made it look more gorgeous and royal… Everytime you teo visit some place you make me tempt to pay a visit to the property… Keep up the good work girls… Kudos to you two… And amazing hospitality by lebua Lucknow…

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  7. Diksha bro..I was not so big fan of Lucknow but the way you wrote this made me fall for the city and I am sure now Lebua gonna be first must visit place for everyone who has gone through your write up!! You in that rose bath tub is bestest of everything in filmy way 😍 more success to you two!! Cheers 🍻

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  8. A good presentation. The report clearly delineated d steps that must be taken care of n well favoured. U look gorgeous princess in every pic .God be with u always much love.Neena ghai(one of my colleagues)

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