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Backpacking trip – Kerala – God’s Own Country – Kochi

Having lived a chunk of my childhood in Kochi, I had been dying to go back to the place, as a traveler this time, to revisit old memories. I must have been only 8 when I lived there, but I still have vivid memories of how the place looked like. The sea, the backwaters, the marine drive. The palm trees and coconut trees lining the roads that had recently seen some drizzling. The winds that brought along the sweet smell of jasmine flowers stationed in the braids and buns of the local women. The Appam and Mutton, the fried pomfret, and the Prawn curry that could make even Vegans salivate. The Chinese fishing nets and the docks with ferries roped together. The hidden beaches where I collected shells of all shapes and sizes, and where I ran along the waves for as long as my legs would carry me. The long walks on the quiet and serene roads, holding papa’s hand, going to the phonebooth to make calls with mom, because mobiles were unheard of back then. Learning Malayam because there was no other option, making the best mallu friends ever. These memories could last a lifetime, sure, but I wanted to go back to the place I fell so madly, deeply and irrevocably in love with! A place that gave me my first beaches, that made me realize I was made for the sea, a place that gave me friends I would go on to write letters to for years after I had moved from Kerala.

And so, I did.

I planned a backpacking trip with the most random people through a social networking site, and I would count this as one of the best decisions I made, for I made the most invaluable memories with such brilliant people, whom I’d now like to call friends 😊

So, this community, called Photographers of India, goes to trips within India every 45 days, and this was my first trip with them. You must reach out to them if you’re looking for a chilled out, no fuss, fun and only fun trip! They shall not disappoint, trust me!

So, I booked my flights and hopped on to an early morning flight to Kochi, to be met with the most awesome people at Zostel, Kochi Fort. Getting down from the aircraft, a wave of nostalgia hit me, as I realized I was finally in Cochin, after a long spell of 17 years!


All set to travel! 😀

I, along with a couple of other travelers who had landed around the same time got on to the local bus headed towards Fort Kochi. 1.5 hours later we got to the Zostel.

Greeted by this furry little baby outside the Zostel who cosily climbed onto my lap, uninvited, and made it his sleeping pod

I was amazed by the way the Zostel had been set up. After having lived in college hostels, this hostel would look like a party to you!

It was very artistic and damn clean!

Upon arrival at Zostel, Fort Kochi


The Common Seating Area
The beautifully and quite artistically painted walls of Zostel



I met the fellow travelers and was delighted out and out. Each person so different from the other! One, a travel blogger, another one a doctor. One, a photographer, another a fashion designer. We had people from all walks of life almost, and it was indeed wonderful to meet all these kickass people!

I immediately connected with most of the people and we set out to have lunch at this local dhaba like place in Mattancherry. The food was incredible, lovingly served and so modestly priced!! We ate to our heart’s content, went back to the Zostel and chilled out some more before we set out to Marine Drive and Spice Market on the Ferry ride.

Street Markets of Kochi

The Ferry ride, again, bought back beautiful memories. We reached the Marine drive well in time to behold the sight of a mesmerizing sunset. We binged on some icecreams and faloodas, burgers and chowmein, and then before we knew it, 2 hours had already passed by!


The ferry ride from Fort Kochi to Marine Drive. Clicked by Anand
Photo Credits: Farooq
The gorgeous pink sky captured at the time of sunset
Various hues of the sky!
Baring my men in white, captured by Anshuman


I just couldn’t stop beaming! My happiness is evident, isn’t it?
Happy girl re-living her childhood memories of eating icecream by the sea
You can tell I love metallic lips
Isn’t this Church just beautiful?  Captured by Virat Gupta
IMG_9957 copy.jpg
The trade that keeps the city alive – Fishing. Captured by Abhishek
IMG_9936 copy1.jpg
Just How captivating is this picture? Captured by Abhishek
Clicked by Gnawmadic


Blown away by this beautiful thing!

We set out on the ride back to the Zostel to find an amazing surprise awaiting us. We saw, on the terrace, some drums and drummers, in Hope of enchanting us with their trippy music, and enchanted we were! What lay ahead was a night full of amazing live music, lots of dancing, food and drinks, and of course bonds to be created that would go a long way 😊



My whole bunch of crazies 😀

This was my Kochi trip in short. The next morning we headed out to Allepey, which was again a dreamy, dreamy place. Watch out for the next post to hear about my experiences in Allepey 😊


Hope you enjoyed reading!

Till the next time,






54 thoughts on “Backpacking trip – Kerala – God’s Own Country – Kochi

  1. Wow, beautifully written blog post, and accompanied with such amazing pictures.
    I really liked the way you started this post, remembering your early days here and walking us through your then daily routine.
    Can’t wait to see the rest of your trip 🙂


  2. If I continue reading these post, I will go to India, and then it will be difficult for me to return home in my country, without having traveled so many beautiful places 😭


    1. Aww! We are not officially a mascot of #IncredibleIndia I feel. You’d love India, and it’s alright if you can’t cover all the places at once. It gives you reasons to keep coming back to this country 😉

      Liked by 1 person

  3. It’s really a good place and well described in this blog. I would definitely want to go to this place as soon as possible.👍👍


  4. This one is your best blog till date with brilliant content and mesmerizing pictures. After reading this blog, I desperately wanna go to Kerala and live/feel it’s sheer awesomeness. Loved it!!


  5. I’m a malayali and really loved the way u showcased Kerala!
    I wana also add that I really really love ur sense of fashion!

    Waiting for ur next blog..
    Ur former colleague 🙂


  6. Wow very well written, whole Kerala experience went through my mind while reading this 😍. I really liked the way you described your childhood memories. Eagerly waiting for new blog about allepey.
    Keep people around you happy as u always do!!! 😘


  7. Very nicely written and pictures are just wow.. U made me read complete blog although i never read blog before… Amazing.


  8. How I wish I was there too. And thanks to this post, I virtually was. The pictures and the write up gave me a life like feel, and needless to say, you did pure justice to the beautiful land. Thumbs up👍


  9. Such a beautiful, beautiful post! Going back to that place where you lived your childhood days and going after so many years just to let the nostalgia hit you, engulf you, embrace you. (And that too with complete strangers!) That’s not something everybody does for themselves. Giving others sure is a good thing, but giving back to yourself, is something you ought to do for your own self. Because if you don’t, nobody else can.


    1. Sadiya, that’s such a beautiful comment. Thankyou for never failing to go through my posts, my blog, and especially for never failing to appreciate the efforts!
      Lots of love to you, darling! XX


  10. You describe the place so well that it just feel like we right there experiencing the same. Can’t wait to read more.. Xoxo😘


  11. Beautiful description of God’s own country!!so badly want to relive those days in ernakulum!! Wave of nostalgia hit on the very thought of places like Marine drive and mattancherry…..(my favourite shopping destination) Good going Diksha!!way to go!!

    Liked by 1 person

  12. Amazing post and mesmerizing pics.
    It feels like I have literally revisited Kochi again through these pics and write-up.
    Great job, keep it up. 🙂


  13. I don’t know what to say ,
    Will it be correct to say that I missed it ,
    Yeah I missed the fun but I think I have gathered the most beautiful experience through these pictures , very well showcased.
    Thanks Diksha
    For the beautiful story telling.


    1. Well, so now you know that you can’t afford to miss the next trip i’m on, right? 😀
      I’m glad that you liked the post. Thankyou for you earnest appreciation 🙂
      Keep visiting!


  14. “A place that gave me my first beaches, that made me realize I was made for the sea…” Simple words put so beautifully! Great post! Amazing pictures!
    Don’t you have any pictures from your childhood Maam? 😛 Would have loved to see a few here! 🙂


    1. Thank you Aniket! :*
      I’ll have to fish them childhood pictures out. Let me put mommy towork 😀
      Thankyou for being all praise about me and my work ALWAYS! Love to you! :*


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